Relationship Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling provides guidance, support, and a safe space for couples to explore, examine, and express their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors as it relates to a multitude of discourses and conflicts that may arise in the marriage.  Whether you’re considering divorce, separation, or at odds marriage counseling helps each person explore and take ownership of their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. This self-awareness helps couples to engage the problem as the conflict and not the person.

Through telling, listening, and examining emotions and thoughts each spouse can gain insight or understanding into the conflict and

improve communication.  Learning how to better communicate is essential for couples as they seek to improve their relationship.

Counseling will help explore some of the following to help couples move from a place of discord to a position of empathy, understanding, compassion, and clarity towards one another and the relationship.

Providing a nonjudgmental approach, the therapeutic encounter integrates your faith belief, and tradition alongside marriage counseling theories allowing for all topics to be explored on multiple levels.  

The goal in addition to providing a safe space and journeying alongside you is for couples to find clarity, healing, peace, transformation, and restoration and develop an awareness of self, a healthier understanding of marriage, and/or a stronger relationship.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital educational counseling program is designed to journey with you, as you explore and examine the concept of developing a healthy marriage. 

Understanding that a strong foundation must be in place, to develop a marital union built to sustain the expected and unexpected events that life will bring.


In addition, that marriage is sacred and should not be entered into lightly.  Therefore, the goal is to explore a wide range of topics that may arise in marriage to better equip you and your partner's perception of marriage.  Topics range from communication, finance, sex, intimacy, children, family, in-laws, religion, marital rituals, and gender roles.  

These topics will equip couples to deconstruct any myths of marriage and develop a healthy understanding of the difference between being married and having a marriage. 

Lastly, a healthy marriage is reinforced by your love and relationship with God.  This allows for love, commitment, respect, and trust in one another.

What the  program offers:

Upon completion, you receive:

The premarital educational counseling program costs $135.00 per session (paid in two installments of $405 or three installments of $270).

Family Counseling

Family counseling provides a non-judgemental and safe and sacred space for each voice to be heard and express their feelings and thoughts. Additionally, helps families reduce the distress and/or conflicts within the relationships and guide them to see the problem seperate from the individual.  Family counseling will help you to develop healthy boundaries and communication, better manage conflict, develop empathy and understanding, and see the value in each member of the family.