One-on-One Counseling

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is designed to meet clients where they are and encourage them to give voice to issues or conflicts in their personal life, that may be causing them distress, anxiety, sadness, and other feelings that limit their ability to cope and live there best life. One on one counseling offers a safe and sacred healing environment just for the counselee to communicate and express their experiences, explore their thoughts and feelings, and address what the client desires, and what they need. Through the therapeutic encounter individuals will become self-aware, develop healthy coping skills, and gain insight into you the individual. Topics explored in individual counseling can range from depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, transition, grief and loss, identity, and trauma, to name a few. We welcome the opportunity to journey alongside you, as you gain awareness, clarity, purpose, and become empowered.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction helps clients to explore internal conflicts. Your whole self is invited into the session permitting you to freely express your thoughts and feelings that may range from faith and life issues, marriage and relationship conflicts, grief and loss, and/or brokenness.