Group Counseling

Anger Management

The Choice-Based Anger Control (CBAC) method is designed to provide insight and clarity behind an individual’s expression of anger. The process will guide persons towards understanding - thus leading each individual to become empowered.  This method demonstrates that individuals have a choice and allows them to manage and control their anger by learning healthy strategies and techniques. 


This framework allows individuals to take a deeper look at their anger and explore other feelings that may be at the root of their anger. The design of Choice-Based Anger teaches each person to explore the power of choice and through making better choices move them from a position of reactive to conscious decision making.


To understand how a reactive position hinders persons from making the best choice we explore the four arts of making choices.


·    impulsive style

·    listening to other people

·    not making a choice

·    deliberate choice-making


Ages 20 and up consist of 12 Components for 12 or 15 weeks:



The Choice-Based Anger Control program for adults may not be suitable for individuals experiencing serious mental health problems.


Initial anger management assessment: $75.00 (55-60 minutes).

Group counseling fee: $75.00 per session cost includes required workbook (12-15 sessions - 60 minutes).

Individual Anger Management psychotherapy sessions: $135.00 per session cost includes anger management resources. 

Anger Management Evaluation and Assessment: (Court Mandated) $175

Healing Circles

Trauma and grief experiences can construct problems from a range of emotional, cognitive, and physical complications.  Trauma can be experienced as physical, sexual, and emotional experiences that impact the functioning of the victim impacting their emotions, relationships, identity, sleep, and everyday functions and more. The experience of trauma can cause one to suffer from sadness, anxiety, depression, fear, isolation, low self-esteem, worthlessness, to become withdrawn, flashbacks, and other feelings and behaviors that may hinder them from living their best life.

Grief may affect one’s emotions and ability to cope, process, and function. Working through emotions around loss is a process that takes time. Through empathic listening, in the therapeutic encounter the counselee is offered a safe and sacred space to lament, explore, and express their feelings and thoughts and give voice to what they are experiencing after loss. 

In the therapeutic encounter with trauma and grief clients we offer what we call midwifing.  Midwifing is a therapeutic model of counseling designed by Dr. Myrna to engage each counselee where they are, provide them a safe space to be transparent and take risk, rebuild trust with themselves and others, and affirm their voice as they seek to gain peace and clarity, and move towards restoration, healing, transformation, acceptance, and wholeness.