Selah: Reflections on Sabbath and Self-Care

In a world filled with so many distractions and stressful life situations, it can be difficult to find time to de-stress and re-focus on what matters in life. Selah: Reflections on Sabbath and Self-Care is a devotional book that provides the reader a pause from their busy life to rejuvenate themselves. This devotional also addresses issues of mental health and self-care and offers the reader insights into the importance of implementing self-care practices and ideas on how to implement these practices in their daily lives.

Daughters of the Desert: The Journey Towards Letting Go, Surrendering and Trusting God 

When we are faced with challenges and become overwhelmed with life Daughters of the Desert offers space for reflection.  When we pause to reflect we are able to examine the power and benefits of letting go, surrendering, and trusting God along the way.  When we recognize and accept our limitations and Gods limitless ability, we can release the ideas that may cause us to carry our burdens and the burdens of others as women.  Through reflection and meditation, we highlight the power of what happens when we surrender and let go of the idea of perfection, being everything to everyone, while neglecting self.  This devotional book permits the reader an opportunity to pause and reflect leading one to becoming free and living a balanced life. 

Midwifing a Womanist Approach to Pastoral Counseling

Exposes hidden pain in a safe and sacred space that speaks to the deep-rooted anguish experienced through generations of Black women and invites her readers to understand the necessity for a rebirthing to occur. This work also empowers women of African descent to become unarmored through the naming, claiming, and re-authoring of their story, and empowers therapists to become midwives adept at empathizing with the intense pain carried by some Black women. 

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Re-authoring Your Story Journal

Re-authoring is the process of tearing down and rebuilding a narrative through your lens. Moving away from living in the experiences of your emotional scars. When you create space to process and unpack the painful experiences of your story it helps you to:

(1) regain authority and power over your story, (2) acknowledge, give voice to, and honor your thoughts and feelings, and (3) identify the self recognizing you are more than the painful experiences.

From Trauma to Triumph

If you are suffering from emotional scars and unresolved trauma, grief, and loss this devotional journal can support you on your journey towards healing. 

The devotional is divided into four sections and explores themes:

The purpose of the devotional and journal is to empower, inspire, and encourage.  Empower the self that you are more than your experience of trauma, inspire you to embrace hope and know you are not alone, and encourage you to move forward and thrive.